The Kingsway Barbershop

What is your most popular cup at the moment?

The most popular cut at the moment should always be the after part of the discoloration of the skin with a low pompadour. This classic style with a modern touch has really made its comeback in the last two years.

What are your favorite Uppercut Deluxe products?

My favorite product at the moment should be the easy intake. It is so versatile and it has really filled a gap in the style area.

What is your favorite artist to film in the shop?

We move from blues and soul from the 1950s to heavy metal and hip hop from the 90s with a lot of Australian punk music, so that was really to say! At the moment we love the recent Gang of Youths album, so I think I should say it.

What is your favorite style to cut?

I really like cutting into a beautifully textured culture with a discoloration of the skin of someone who really has the hair for it.

What is the best advice for someone visiting your region?

The best advice would be to get fresh fish and chips at Hallam, sit over the overflow wall and watch the sun go down over the Tamar River.

What is the best advice for your client before you step in?

My advice would be to just have some sort of idea of what you want before you come and take our board on board if this style needs to be changed. Not everyone has the locks to remove the Brad Pitt in “Fury

Why did you go to the barber?

I went to the hairdresser because I loved the idea of being able to chat with different people all day while having a creative outlet. See more of the Kingsway Barbershop on her Instagram.