Scotty Stopnik At Cycle Zombies Garage

If you’re lucky enough to have brand ambassadors like Scotty Stopnik and The Cycle Zombies, spending a day hanging out for a film is never a chore.

On the one hand, the garage cycle zombies in Huntington Beach is the cave of man to finish all the caves of man. An eclectic mix of everything related to motorcycling, surfing and skating. And business is never bad either. Scotty, Taylor and their dad Big Scott are among the most pleasant and courteous people you are likely to experience. It is not uncommon for boys to pull the grill at some point and entertain the crowds. None of these formalities required on our last visit we were here on business.

Although a very relaxed work schedule. Our mission was simple: to introduce Scotty to the newly released Easy Hold styling product and to preserve product photos among the surrounding visual delights. To do this, we used the services of the extraordinary photographer Eric Warner. Eric is our man of choice for pretty much everything we film in Southern California.

You may have seen his work as part of campaigns of the past such as “For Those who Groom and Zoom”, “The Matt Pomade Campaign” and “Uppercut Deluxe Welcomes Mason Dyer” to name a few. The first task of the day was to offer our host Scotty a haircut. The man behind the barber chair was a former employee of Uppercut Deluxe, who became barber Brad De la Cruz. Brad, like the CZ boys, is no stranger to life on two wheels, and we are told that most of the time he spends on his bike is just on the back wheel. (Don’t try this on kids at home) Brad is preparing a quick storage with his scissors and designing Scotty’s iconic half-length haircut.

The oil-stained floor under the feet is soon covered with a light sprinkling of sun-bleached strands and we are ready to style. The next step is an easy-to-maintain garage maintenance course. Easy Hold is a product that is about as easy to use as it comes. With this in mind, we are handing Scotty a cool box with a light outfit. We do not offer any explanation or guidance and observe the discovery process. His approach is simple, but exactly as it should be with this product. He takes a generous amount of the product on the index finger, distributes it evenly over the fingers and palms, before working it through the hair and continuing with a comb. Scoop, spread, style, it’s that simple.