Luke’s Barbershop At Foot Locker Is Perfect

What was your highlight in your time at Foot Locker?

The launch of the Marble Arch store was a highlight, because it was so full and the energy of the place was electric. Lazy Charlie on the decks and my 3-chair Pop overflow with models, actors, DJs and Foot Locker are waiting for you as long as necessary!

Fun moments?

A special and fun moment for me was the visit to Marble Arch the night before the opening and they surprised me with a giant sign with my brand image that would be in the middle of the store! I thought you were serious?!

How did Your Team find out?

In total, four of my team were involved and we all found it liberating because we were in different environments and, most importantly, we met a lot of different people. Every day brings new challenges and we have all benefited from them. He doesn’t even come close to describing!

What was the most popular cut?

It must disappear the skin! Whether it’s a tourist, someone from Milan, from Liverpool to London the skin fade remains at the top of the List.

Any Challenges?

Hair dryer!!! Everywhere we go, dryers are always creating problems for electrical crews. We’ve shorted a few circuits along the way!

What kind of feedback have you received from customers?

The feedback was immense! The team is so good and the radiant smile of the customers who leave the Stand is for me sufficient proof. Everyone takes company details and gets Selfies with their hairdressers. Everyone gets 5-star Service, and Customers can tell. In London, people came back in 2 and 1 / 2 weeks for 2 cuts – sometimes 3! Crazy!

Did you buy shoes when you were there?

Ah man, it’s an occupational harmful to me to be a Sneakerhead!

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