High & Tight Slick Back Cut For You

It’s a classic of all time – it’s a style that only the best of the best can do with real confidence – probably because it takes some kind of guy to sit in the chair and ask that it be cut.

There are so many things to correct and many techniques involved to make a good cut beautiful – the fade should be high enough and smooth enough; the length on the top should be only at the level of the bangs and the back; the hairline should be strong.

We know that it’s not easy, so we tried to help you a little with this video tutorial. Dane Hesse, aka the pig tanner is a master of high and tight style and is seriously talented with a short hair discoloration.


For the founders of Uppercut Deluxe, this product was the ultimate challenge. Every now and then, very sophisticated people complained that their style just wouldn’t last or that their current hair products just didn’t do the job. These people were the most difficult genre to please – the genre where the style is everything and the look is uncompromising. The kind of people who don’t give a second chance.

After long tests and research, this super-strong wax was born. When they first tested it, the guys were really scared about the quality of this wax which hence the name Monster Hold.

Monster Hold does exactly what it says on the box. Designed for those who want that little something in addition to their hair products. This extra strong and sweat-resistant wax has been specially developed for demanding styles where a little more grip and grip is required. This product is hardcore and not for the feigned heart. An insert leaves your hair beautiful for days.


Uppercut Deluxe was made for hairdressers, by hairdressers, so we know what you need. All our waxes are specially designed to provide hairdressers with the best styling products on the market. If you are considering Uppercut Deluxe for your hair salon, please contact us here.