Bostonain Barber Shop Are Perfect

Bostonian Barbershop is the definition of the naked barbershop-modern, they look after the dapper classic haircuts of the past with a new school technique.

Located in Boston, Ma, these hairdressers are trendsetters and go Getters who fuel their passions for the life and craft of hairdressing, mixed with the city that surrounds them, in one brand: Bostonian Barbershop.

Erik Zaiatz opened Bostonian in Whitman, MA in 2014 with the goal of providing the community with a legitimate hair salon specializing in razors and the right haircuts. They have managed to bring this Vision to life through Commitment, hard work and an illustrious desire to grow what they do. Erik spent a lot of time in his grandfather’s store and saw firsthand what it was like to be not only a good hairdresser, but also how to run a successful business.

As of today, you have two Sites, with a total of 13 Chairs and 11 Hairdressers. This collective of hairdressers are cut from a Traditional fabric, and continue to promote their skills with creativity and dynamism. Bostonian Barbershop has been running Uppercut Deluxe since 2015 and finds success with the brand not only through high-end products, but also through like-minded visions. Erik and his team continue to grow one haircut after another and one store after another. Uppercut Deluxe is proud to be one of the stores that is as dedicated to what they do, where they believe in their craft and are as strong as anyone. Take a look at their recent Version of a beard trimming video created in collaboration with @beardedvillans and which shows the characteristic beard balm Of Uppercut Deluxe.

Be sure to look at other social media platforms to see what these guys are going to do next. Thank you @Bostonianbarbershop for what You’re doing.