Barber Bros & Co Are Barber Of The Month

How would you describe the vibe of your shop?

Barber Bros & Co was founded in 2013 and has taken traditional barbering to another level. While our guests are waiting, they are exposed to a unique barbershop atmosphere that gives a warm, friendly feeling and exudes old charm with wood, exposed bricks, vintage tiles, enameled lights and a 100-year-old cash register. A large-screen TV broadcasts live sports from around the world, and a Bose sound system plays background music from legends such as Ray Charles, James Brown, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley or Otis Redding, without hindering the conversation. Last but not least, the focus is on 10 traditional barber chairs that come from the USA and have been restored to their early glory.

The oldest chair dates back to 1907, also imagine the thousands of stories rooted in the souls of these chairs. Everything comes together to create a masculine atmosphere where a man can feel like a man, feel comfortable and share companionship with co-workers and other guests as long as they sip on free beer or screech.

What is your most popular cut at the moment?

Our most popular cuts are College Contour, Executive Contour and High/Low Razor Fades. But if we had to choose one that is currently trending among our customers, it would be the High/ Low Razor Fades.

Why did you go to the hairdresser?

Respect for the traditions and heritage of hairdressing has driven us to hairdressing in the first place. We believe that hairdressing is not about fashion, but about style and tradition. It is important to take the time to educate our customers about a bygone era and introduce them to traditional, ancient hairdressing products. The favorite aspect of barbering is when we show up at the hair salon tomorrow, and there are a number of customers who are already waiting for us to open up so that they can get a sharp, considerate and fast-paced haircut or shave with a hot towel. What barbering is also about is meeting people, listening to their stories and experiencing the serenity of building a relationship with each and every one of them. Follow Barber Bros & Co for more.