Amherst Ave Barbershops Of America

Nowadays, hairdressers put a lot of things in their store so that it looks cool or has the effect that it’s been a while. They are not deceiving anyone. Take a step down Amherst Ave. Barbershop and you know Joe is the real deal. He doesn’t want to impress anyone. Must not. His company has been developing for more than 50 years.

What you see on the walls has naturally grown over time. He’s not trying to be cool. He runs his store the way he likes it, while trying to represent the good people who have come to it throughout his career. A lot of things there were offered to her by her clients. At that time, they probably could not find the boundary between the client and the friend. On the back panel you will see a sign saying that you can not sue Joe if he gives you a bad haircut. I can only imagine that the sign came from distress, but people still like to come and sit in “the butcher” chair. So he’s doing something right. Otherwise, there would have been no more than 50 years.

Your first trip to Joe’s shop might be a little overwhelming. With everything hanging on the wall, you can even forget that you are there for a haircut. And there’s no chance you’ll realize Joe doesn’t even have a phone. In a world and an industry inexorably linked to Instagram, this says a lot. Like I said, Joe is the real deal. Having overcome the initial surprise of what you see, standing and trying to figure everything out, you will most likely get a sarcastic comment from Joe. I spent a few hours there and I still have no idea what’s going on. Try everything you want, you will never find a centimeter of free wall surface. Simply does not exist.

And like most hairdressers, your company is a direct representation of you. Talk to him only for a few minutes, and you will see that there are a lot of things in his brain. He is a character among the characters. As real and open a person you will ever meet. Also do not bring an attitude to his store, because he will not take care of it. If you’re nice, he lets you hang out all day. And chances are, if you stay, you’ll be entertained. Whether this conversation is listening to Joe’s story or you’re just staring at the walls, you’ll be happy.

In the mid-1800s, Butte became a Boomtown filled with people trying to make money in the mines. It exploded with 100 limousines and even had its own red light district. A lot of it is over and done with. It’s a much quieter city now, so Joe has had to deal with a lot of change. But he understood everything. As one of his clients says: “here we have the Original”.

In a place that has been through so much, The Butcher and his shop have been a constant for more than 50 years. They don’t do too much like Joe. This is a gift to the city of Butte and to the entire world of the hair salon.